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Finally we can frame our embroideries with no fear of twisting them or that, day by day, they can fall from their position: a unique system, with very delicate tensorial teeth which allow you to definitively tighten your fabric and fix it on a cardboard or light plywood on the back, with no glue, pins or nails! Then you will only have to choose the frame you prefer and that's all! The box contains 10 toothed bands of 50 cm. you can cut as you like (even in a curb shape). You cannot miss it!

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Sew-it-All - Bestseller
Very "cool" new products from England!
Sew-it-allEven if not all the embroideries we have the pleasure to create are not meant to be framed as to decorate the walls of our house or the rooms of our friends or parents we love, the cross-stitched work is one of the most natural and elegant product of needle and thread

However, as it happens now for several arts where the skills of the concerned designer (like a tailor, a shoemaker, a fabric upholsterer and many more that the industry cannot (luckily!) replace - finding a frame-maker capable of suitably treating our precious work is actually a hard work! Raise your hand if you have ever seen your embroidery tightened too much on one side or on the other, glued on the back of the frame, nailed on its sides (in both cases, with the result that time and humidity make the embroidery curl on itself, thus creating a horrible effect!)
Obviously, this does not mean that some good frame-makers do not exist. They are capable and, above all, full of mastery and passion. But we know that love and crafts are now rare and those of you who have found them, please keep them into serious account! This is the case of the wonderful handmade frames by The Family Tree Frame Co. for the Crescent Colors.

Fot all the others that, maybe because they live in small towns which offer a narrower choice (or bigger, with a wider choice but too industrialized and wasteful) or more simply, for all those who love trying the art of framing their embroideries, by producing even their tailored frame or choosing one generic frame to decorate as they prefer, here comes form England a new product we cannot miss!
It's called Grip-n-Frame and you can find it here, with a video-tutorial as to see exactly how this revolutionary system works.

Actually, you will find in a box 5 meters (10 strips of 50 cm each) of a special tubular piece in strong plastic with some particular little tension teeth which tight the embroidered fabric, in a definitive way and fix it on all types of frame backs, with no glue, no nails, no pins! Then choose - or have fun to create with your own hands! - the frame you prefer and all is done! The most beautiful thing is that this system allows you to frame also round, oval or any curved embroideries, as well as the squared or rectangular ones!
It's based on the same concept of the "revolution in the hoops world", for a very good reason!
It's the Grip-n-Stitch, a hoop with a modular design which can be used several times by screwing and unscrewing its pieces with the same tensor and fixing teeth of the Grip-n-Frame, capable of tightly keep in their position all types of embroidery fabrics, also the most delicate linen, without any sign on them! Its genial design allows you to obtain several different hoops of different sizes, all in one box! Have a look at them here and do not miss even this time the tutorial video.

Finally, since we do not want you and us to miss anything, we have decided that these crafty English men deserved our attention also for their colorful, light but very resistant thread-keepers. Complete with thread-cutters and needle cases, these thread organizers have also a very comfortable paper band where you can write and re-write several times the numbers of the threads and they are ideal also during trips and on planes, since the invisible cutting blade is completely inserted inside. All, at a very special price!!!
Are you curious about that? Then click here.

Let me know what your impressions are and, of course, ask me whatever you want on this subject. I will be happy to answer your questions! In the meantime, a big hug to all of you!

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Erstaunlich, ein wirklich gutes Produkt !!! Ich eingerahmt in einem Blitz ein Bild von der Größe von 50 cm x 60 war das Ergebnis eine echte meraviglia.- ich beschlossen, dass ich nicht ohne diese novit.- Gut gemacht, dank Casa Cenina sein kann

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Eine Enttäuschung. Ich schoss wie verrückt, einen Rahmen mit der Rückseite zu finden, um Stickerei auszugleichen geeignet, die ich gestaltet hatte, und als ich gefunden oder entdeckt, dass ich es zurück zu werfen, denn wenn man diese stecchette setzen zu groß werden zu in den Rahmen wieder eingesetzt werden, dann ich habe eine Sperrholzplatte zu kaufen auseinander und bekommen es auf Größe geschnitten. Dann wird das Leinentuch, das ich versuchte, und setzen alle von diesen Zähnen markiert blieb die alles andere als zart (mehrfach) sind, und nicht ein elastischer Stoff an vielen Orten ist noch nicht einmal auf den Zähnen fixiert blieb. Irgendwann war ich fast so viel wie von einem Fachmann umrahmt haben, die sicherlich einen besseren Job gemacht hätte. Ich glaube, dass dieses Verfahren auch nur gehen, wenn Sie elastische Stoffe verwenden und zu entscheiden, bereits am Start, damit Sie eine maßgeschneiderte machen Rahmen. Schade, für den Preis, ehrlich gesagt übertrieben (obwohl ich glaube nicht, dass dies zu Cenini zurückzuführen ist).

CasaCenina Staff

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