Go! Fabric Cutter

Go! Fabric Cutter

von: Accuquilt

55100 AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter - Stoffschneider
Schnell, genau und revolutionär: eine Handmaschine - dann billig und ökologisch - zum Schnitten sofort den Stoff (90% schneller als mit der Hilfe von Schere oder Schneidemaschine!) aber auch um verschiedene Formen zu schaffen. Total Spaßig!
Anmerkung: das Paket enthält die folgenden Artikel: •GO! fabric cutter (Stoffschneider) •GO! fabric cutting die (stanzform) •GO! cutting mat (Schneidematte) •freies Modell •Anleitung •die pick

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Cut out for success!
AccuquiltThey’ve summed all up in a striking – very striking – slogan: “Love to quilt, but hate to cut? Now there’s a new way to GO!”… That’s great! They are Accuquilt, i.e. the American company that, in my opinion, is destined to write a fundamental page in the history of patchwork, for the revolution it’s bringing in it. Two brand new, small machines are actually “the new way to go” and we’re pleased to introduce them to you: they’re called Go! Fabric Cutter and Go! Baby Fabric Cutter.

Well, I don’t know what you think, but I personally love quilting and – to be true – I can’t say I hate cutting… However, cutting is definitely the part of this craft giving me the highest stress (maybe because I’ve never been so good at geometry, since the very beginning of the primary school! But, in spite of the huge wariness I always put in it and all the fussiness I’m able of, squares, rectangles and triangles NEVER come out perfectly the same!!!) and, as certainly, cutting is the most tiring and “cumbersome” part of patchwork, even though I prefer cutting with the Jumbo rotary cutter (the largest one, so the one supposed to be the most efficient) and not an enormous cutting mat (I generally use the medium-sized one)

So… This “technology” – and I’m talking of a fully hand-operated technology and that’s even more brilliant, since you don’t need any power supply! – enables you to avoid all the above-mentioned “sweating”!!! And it’s basically the same for both machines, whose sizes only are different.

Just place up to six layers of fabric on its die cut, cover it with the suitable cutting mat (this piece share the same name and the similar raw material it’s made of, with our well-known, common cutting mats), simply turn the handle and your die cut will pass through a couple of “magic rolls” and get out of them completely, with the nicest patchwork shapes already cut out and ready to sew on! Cutting this way doesn’t simply mean saving time (and if you like patchwork as I do, you know very well how long it takes to rotary cut just a few dozens of rectangles, triangles, squares or circles! Not to mention the hours spent for more articulated shapes, such as hearts, stars and Holiday subjects that, of course, must be cut with scissors!) but it means, first of all, that you can forget geometry since your fabric cuts will come out of the Accuquilt perfectly cut, with even their sewing margins already included!!!
Speed and precision are definitely the amazing, main features of these two “wonders” and there are so many die cuts available, that they virtually cover all the world of patchwork: 153 on the whole, including both traditional shapes, such as the already mentioned squares, rectangles (stripes also, of course!), diamonds, circles, trapeziums, parallelograms and hexagons, and the not-to-be-missed applique shapes, such as Subonnet Sue and Overall Sam, the typical “drops” of Dresden Plates, flowers, stars, kittens and dogs, teddy bears, sparrows and little birds of any kind, small houses and decorations for all tastes, hearts, writings and letters, as well as 25 different Holiday and Halloween subjects (a real blaze of Santas, reindeers, Xmas trees, snowflakes and snowmen, pumpkins and black cats with their tails waved upwards!)

Since it was absolutely impossible to stock all these die cuts immediately all together, we’ve started with a first selection but, we’re going on adding more and more of them in our catalog, so that you’ll soon have the complete range at your own disposal. To start “cutting the new way”, you just have to choose the die cut - or the die cuts - you like and the relevant cutting mat.

These mats are the only parts of your Accuquilt Go! cutter that require being changed after a number of cuts, since both the machines and the die cuts are virtually indestructible!
On each die cut, you’ll find the precise indication of the mat to be used with it, so you can’t go wrong
Last but not least, for I can see your look full of curiosity already, let me remind you that both the Go! and the Go! Baby Fabric Cutter can perfectly cut both quilting cottons and other fabrics, such as felt and jeans (up to three layers, according to their thickness), as well as oilcloth and plastic-coated fabrics!
Of course, should you have any doubt or question, we’re looking forward to receiving all your comments

Happy quilting (or should I say “cutting”??!!!????) to all of you and hear from us soon!

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Ich sah in dem Kurzwaren Dovo tun Einkäufe ... schön, aber sehr costosa.mi würden Sie den Unterschied mit der bigshot erklären? Dank
Hallo liebe :-) Der Unterschied wichtig, dass AccuQuilt eine Maschine, die nur Schnitte (mit den entsprechenden Stempeln) macht, während der BigShot können Sie auch \ "Präge \" zu tun: was den Effekt zu bekommen freitragend auf Papier und Karton verschiedene mittels spezieller fustelline, dass anstelle zum Schneiden entwickelt, sind so konzipiert, genau "geprägt \" mit verschiedenen Themen aus Papier und Pappe :-) Liebe Grüße an \!
CasaCenina Staff

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