Squared looms

Squared looms

von: Di Giacinto Fiore

Three squared looms of different dimensions (10x10 cm; 8x8 cm; 6x6 cm) on which you can roll the threads to work with. You will just need to pass the threads between the plies as to form some textures. Clear images and instructions will help you create some wonderful tablecloths, tablerunners, finishings and decorations.
The price is for 3 items.

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The "magic" little looms
Hello everybody!
I've always felt a bit envious of those who can use the crochet More specifically, for two reasons: the first one is that crochet is universal - you can practically work with everything and create shirts, covers, scarfs, caps and also the dresses for the dolls of our children- and the second is that crochet is very quick!
Even me -i must confess I've always been a real duffer- I've been able to create a wonderful scarf in a few days for my daughter while watching television.

Finally the crochet is now fashionable in dressing and furnitures: some months ago, when I was in the USA for Casa Cenina, the most beautiful haberdasheries and furniture shops showed all their cool big beds covered with crochet blankets, white or cream colored. A real joy for your eyes for its elegance and simplicity! The same goes with the crochet parts of shirts, tops, bags and so on... Crochet is especially fresh and good in summer!

So, what can you do if you (like me) are not experts of this technique which is antique and modern at the same time?
The solution is a magic loom in two versions: squared looms and round loom.

Of course, some of you know it already since you have requested it several times... But for those of you who do not know exactly what it is, I can tell you that it is a simple instrument on which you roll the thread chosen for your work -cotton, wool, chenille or other types of threads - and then, with a mattress needle, by making a simple passage of the same thread you obtain -magically and in a few minutes- a little tile identical to those made by crochet and then, united together, they form some unforgettable covers like those of our grandmothers', scarfs, accessories or even the doilies for bonbonnières!
I think I have whetted enough your curiosity, but since the images are usually cleared than words, here is the YouTube link where it is possible to check the simplicity of this genial instrument and the wonderful creations that you can obtain in a short time work.

Enjoy the crochet and... please send me your comments!
A big hug

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Schöne Bilder ... diese sind nicht in der Tat in vielen Orten gefunden! Eine Seite mit vielen Informationen über http://www.iltelaietto.it/ hier und einige Themen Post http://tracartatimbriecolori.wordpress.com/category/telaiett-
o-2/ Hallo
Lieber, ich danke Ihnen für Ihre wertvollen Signal :-) eine Umarmung!
CasaCenina Staff

Bewertung: [4 von 5 Sternen!]

Hallo Roby .... Ich weiß nicht, ob ich helfen kann ... Ich fand dieses Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHirXhzeeig&feature=playe-

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Sie können die perfekte Wolle Quadrate und verschiedene Phantasien, ich derzeit ein Baby-Abdeckung tue. die Anweisungen bezüglich ich vor gerade die Videos auf You Tube gelernt, einen Schönheitsfehler: niemand lehrt, wie man die Stahlwolle zu schnappen, ohne Stolperfallen, nur einen Knopflochstich knoten?
Hallo liebe! In der Tat, auch ich - genau wie Sie - habe ich gelernt, den Rahmen von YouTube-Video zu nutzen, allen voran :-) Und in der Tat, ich hatte Zweifel auch über die Schließung des Threads ... Aber dann, daran zu arbeiten ein Bit \ ', bemerkte ich, dass der Knoten Stich Knopf funktioniert super! Oder Sie können die \ "piastrellina \" schließen, die mit einem typischen End-Knoten in \ 'häkeln verwendet: die Wahl :-) Eine Umarmung, und für alle anderen Fragen, schreiben Sie uns ohne Probleme! Elena
CasaCenina Staff

Bewertung: [4 von 5 Sternen!]
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