Cashmere Pashmina  - Cyclamen

Cashmere Pashmina - Cyclamen

von: CasaCenina

Pure cashmere pashmina.
Composition: 100% cashmere.
Color: cyclamen.
Dimensions: 90cm. x 200cm. + fringes.
Origin: Mongolia.

A warm embrace for you or someone you love that you can make even more precious and personal by embroidering on it with a silk thread an initial tone on tone.

Its name is given by its particular type of wool, of Pashmina Goat (Hiricus). The reason why it is so warm is easy to understand since this animal comes from the highest mountains of the world. The nature itself has selected it before us and men have discovered and woven it in order to underline the three major features of this fiber: warmth, softness and lightness. Its preciousness is easy to understand since it is hand-woven on traditional hoops. Moreover, the fiber is carefully selected from at least three goats for each shawl.

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We are pleased to present you a new fine and elegant product: the pashmines. Discover all of them in the new category of our catalog, Sweet Embraces. These scarfs are particular for their quality, as they derive from the wool of the Pashmina goat (Hiricus), from which they are named.
The goat wool has always been famous for its superior capacity for warming, but is also used to produce a textile fiber which is even more famous, the cashmere. It is not difficult to understand why it has such a particular warming power since the Pashmina goat comes from the highest (and coldest) mountains of the world: the Himalaya!
This true gift of the nature was used to produce shawls from the III century B.C., but only in the XV century the artisanal Pashmina enterprise started. Still nowadays the best scarfs are rigorously woven on hand-hoops in order to better underline their three main qualities: warmth, softness and lightness.
The pashmina is also known for being one of the most expensive scarfs on sale, but this quite high price is soon explained: first of all the animal is not sheared, but the wool is collected with a particular comb only in june when the animal changes its fur. Furthermore, for the interlacing of the particular fringe of the fabric almost 8 hours are needed for only one shawl and the threading is made only on traditional hoops called "duguma". Consider that for only one shawl the wool of three goats is selected. For such a reason the cost is of about 100 dollars, but if the fabrication is given by interlacing and the cloth is embroidered, the price can be even triplicated.
So, the preciousness of the pashmina is clear, since it is the warmest and softest fiber ever found in nature and discovered by men who have decided to enhance its qualities with passion and devotion.
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