Sweet Baby: Nursery Bag - Beige

Sweet Baby: Nursery Bag - Beige

von: DMC

100% cotton, size 42cm. x 23cm. x 18cm., ready to stitch Colour: beige.
Bibs, bottle holder, cosmetic bag and many other handy items, all available in 3 colors, make up this new collection baby proposed by DMC. Each accessory is designed with a stylish polka dot pique fabric, embellished with a pin to finish, and is customizable through the insert in Aida fabric. In each pack includes a leaflet full of helpful instructions and pattern for cross stitch embroidery cute animals or the name of your child.

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Für die Kinder
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DMC - Bestseller
One color for little boys and girls
Hello everybody! Those among us who are mothers- apart from being cross-stitching lovers- know it very well: resisting to the temptation of embroidering a layette while our belly becomes bigger and bigger is really hard... Well, rather impossible if you are like me Besides, the chanches are infinite: from the classic ribbons to hang on the main door of our house, to the little and nice bathrobes with the little "triangle" to use like a cap- another classic element of the baby's outifit- through the bag for all strolls, with a surviving change for napkins and, sometimes, even a little folding changing table included!
Well, we can assert that modern mothers are really lucky as they have a lot of help to lighten their splendid, but also a bit heavy, new role

Just in order to understand what I'm talking about, here is pour page "For children", starting from here:

And who among us has never experienced the joy- or the time, why not, considering our frenzy era- of becoming a mom, certainly has had the chance to make a present to a friend, a relative, a housemate attending a baby!

However, just because there's a huge variety of available products, it is not so easy to choose what we want to embroider To this situation, we often add the habit, actually spread among mothers-to-be, of not knowing- and thus of not letting anybody know- the sex of our child... A part my personal and, of course, appreciating, envy towards these women, who are not so curious as I am (when I was pregnant I had to know the sex of my baby and when the doctor asked me if I wanted to know the sex, I just cried a big YES!)... How blessed they are! Finally, someone has helped us with the usual couple "blue or pink". How? Just by realizing a magnifique line of objects to embroider in a neutral color, but very delicate and elegant, the beige, enriched by a fine pois which is well suited to boys and girls: a simple and successful idea, I think a lot of us will appreciate.

DMC, a real quality guarantee, has created this series "Dolce Baby". In these days we have inserted among our new products these articles for our babies:

And, as you will see, for the curious moms as I am, who already know if they will hug a boy or a girl, for each of these objects ready to stitch there is also the classic version in bleu or pink!
All of them are in soft 100% cotton piquet, stuffed with anallergic materials and, in the pack, there is also a nice leaflet with a lot of easy embroidery ideas. For both the mothers-to-be and for your pregnant friends or relatives.

A last piece of advice, the folding changing table is a must:

A big hug and... Happy Stitching!
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