White Tablecloth

White Tablecloth

von: MariaTeresa Capo Berti

A design for a fine tablecloth.
Stitches 168x166. Dimension: 30,50 x 30,10 cm.

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€ 20.00

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The Italian Embroidery: a modern and classic style
Hello everybody! In this blog we often mention the most famous cross-stitching designers, those known quite by all the world. Either because we have had the pleasure to realise some of their charts or because we have had the chance to admire some of their works and the desire to "conquer them".
And, it goes without saying that among the most popular names there are a lot of French designers, a lot of Americans, an increasing number of English and German designers... But what about Italians?
Well, as it often happens, the Italians need to be treated separately
Maybe some newcomers in the cross-stitching world don't know it yet, but there are several Italian designers who are very capable and, as their collegues of the Italian Fashion, well-known all over the world, have a unique style and creativity, with that typical Italian flavor which makes them so recognizable!
Here is a clear example: Renato Parolin who, a part from being a really pleasant and nice person, is an extraordinary talented designer with a magic touch. Just see his creations so appreciated all over the world.

Beside him, we cannot but mention Giulia Manfredini, creator of the brand “Giulia Punti Antichi” who in her designs unites a really modern creativity with the rooted traditions of the Italian embroidery, as in this Assisi Peacock Sampler or with the recalls to the Deruta ceramics.

Giulia has been our guest at the Festa del Ricamo 2007, together with her, in order to enrich the Italian embroidery sector, Mariateresa Berti and Paola Barello "Per Segno per Filo" and Maria Teresa "MTV designs".
Maria Teresa Berti surprises us with the variety of her creations, going fromsome magnifique floreal compositions to some fine monocromatic works, which decorates tablecloths, cushions and little pictures.
Paola Barello is very elegant in her designs which creates little precious objects like, for example in her biscornus or in the very beautiful sewing sets (the charts contain also the instructions to create the different objects).
On the contrary it's the color to characterize the works by MTV Designs, a lot of subjects to choose which will make you feel emotional, like this amazing First Christmas or this delicate and colorful Wedding Sampler.

Among the last well appreciated new artists in Italy we can find Marinella of Mingiustitch and Cinzia Baggio of Heart Break House.
Marinella has a fine touch, a sort of brush on her works, like in her Romantic Sampler, initials which recall the antique letters of the monks and like in her delicious cushionSimple Love.
We are proud to say that Cinzia has been "discovered" by Casa Cenina: we have firstly known about her through e-mail then we have met each other (she is such a fantastic person) and we have convinced her to publish her works and we think we have done the right thing! In fact Cinzia offers something original, you cannot find very easily in the cross-stitching world: there are some classic works like thisdelicious series dedicated to the seasons, and some more modern works like the Ethnic Alphabet Sampler we have shown during the AEF in 2008.

How not to mention a designer who is famous all over the world for her creations, between dreams and fantasy. All the stitchers must have created one of her works. This designer is Laura Lattuada, creator of the brand "Passione Ricamo". Laura puts this "passione" in her works. Here are two little examples: the romantic Mediterraneoand the superb Queen of Fairies which enchants those who see and embroider it.

Well, to conclude, also Italians have something to give to the cross-stitching world and we wish some others will grow in the embroidery panorama.
We anticipate that we will soonly open a section dedicated to the creations of the traditional Italian embroidery, hoping it will be appreciated.
A big hug and Happy Stitching!
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