Prym: A Practical History Lesson

Einführungsdatum: 23/08/2012
PrymHello everybody!
Anyone who entered at least once a needlework shop, knows how the Prym sign looks :D

In our business, this historical German brand is an absolute benchmark, and no wonder it is, for Prym has been the oldest family-based industrial company in Germany, with roots dating back to the 14th century, when for the first time a man named Johann Prym appears as a worker is the records of metal industry, in 1340!

In their official homepage, however they state that "in spite of those historical documents, the business is said to be established in 1530, when records of that time testify Wilhelm Prym started his own goldsmith's workshop in Aachen. However, in 1642 the Pryms, who were Protestants living in the catholic Aachen, lost their right to be part of the craftsmen corporation and therefore moved to Stolberg, as many others did at that time".

Stolberg saw their business flourish, and here is where they still stand nowadays, coordinating the work of more than 3,900 people in the world! Producing and selling an immense variety of products, Casa Cenina will slowly but surely add them all to the online catalogue, because loving crafting as much as you, we all agree the Prym items are practical and useful in really many ways, no matter their size.

We already are working on this, thanks to the agreement Prym and Casa Cenina reached just a few months ago, so in the past few weeks we've added several new products to our catalogue.. and the ones we're all head over hills about are these amazing multifunction ironing mats, just perfect for making your personal quilting point, organized and tied up with everything you need at hand: this mat allows us to have a place for everything and everything in its place, revolving around our sewing machine, just like we want it to be while working on our quilting and finishings (from the moment we match the fabric cuts, to when we iron them and then finally sew them together.. in geometrical perfection! :D
When the size of our project reaches bigger sizes, you'l definitely need the ironing board.. and that's where Prym shows it's inventive once again: available in two sizes, here are these extraordinary ironing board covers, printed with centimeter grids, just like cutting boards are:
XL and M

Last but not least, for those quick ironing "sessions", we often have to take to refresh our clothes (or when we really don't want to have the ironing board standing in our way while we finish our patchwork pieces or stitched ornaments.. :D), here is another incredible innovation.
The perfect blanket to iron on, placing it on a table, bed, .. while on holiday, to give a little fix to our clothes which always come out of the suitcase looking desperately stressed :D ..or at home, wherever you are, you'll find this ironing blanket extremely useful!
Considered all quilters know that ironing is a crucial step in the art of patchwork (but not only here: have you ever been to a tailor's shop? ironing and sewing go hand in hand, thet's for sure!), take a look at these new extremely practical products as well, perfect for a special gift to a friend who loves to quilt, or for daily ironing hours: Finger guards silicone and Ironing Glove Duo

Enjoy the summer, with more new Prym surprises on the go! :D

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