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Einführungsdatum: 20/07/2012
SalesHi everybody there!

July is the month of sales "per excellence", though here at Casa Cenina - a someone of you has even pointed it out with us, even though with the usual, extreme, politeness - we're not used to holding sales

And there are actually many reasons for it: first of all, it's because our prices are carefully calculated to both guarantee us the necessary profit (this is our job, after all) and, at the same time, the right price to you - in a "balanced balance", to tell it in short - which has always been our foundation and it's now even more important, in this period of "financial uncertainty" we're all experiencing!

This way of ours partly depends on the fact that we like "surprising" you, with discounts and promotions - sometimes quite extemporary - maybe originating from a quick meeting between the all of us, or from some cue we've taken directly from some ideas of yours, or even from our will to share with you a "playful" part of our business As it happened with our 30X30X3 game, which - we know for sure, from all the messages you have sent us - you enjoyed so much! In short, let's put it this way: July sales are like birthday gifts, i.e. everybody expects them...

While our discounts and promotions are like those presents arriving "by chance" and surprising you, probably when you least expect them
However, our several promotions are based on a careful, steady dialogue with our main suppliers: an accurate, daily work that has enabled us to draw special agreements with companies that are reference points all over the world, such as DMC, Prym, Gütermann and Amann Mettler, just to mention some, thus getting highly favorable supply terms and conditions that we have punctually turned into highly favorable prices and, most of all, real discounts, for you And they are going to be more and more frequent and always quite tempting, for we are focusing on developing and widening our business relations both with these reference brands and with many other ones, renowned worldwide. As you've seen in the instance of our promotion, still on, of the quilting fabrics from Moda, which we can presently boast one of the largest selection in Europe!

Even in our "Specials" section - where we usually concentrate all those products that we already know will not be in stock again, or that we have so few left in stock - you can find a whole lot of products from the best-known brands of our industry, at any time For here at Casa Cenina - if it has to be sales - that that's to be with discounts and special offers all the year long and 365 days a year, supported by our special, permanent discount program, called "Conta le Case"

From now one, then, in this page dedicated to the all of you who just can't do without sales - and with the advantage they won't need to queue outside any shop!!! - you're going to find a brand new selection of sales of our items, since our warehouse is growing day by day and, with it, the opportunities to always think of something new, in terms of "cost-effectiveness"... But, please, don't let yourselves got carried away, for our will to "surprise" you is always there and... Many more discounts and promotions may just be around the corner, you know

Hear from us soon and... Happy shopping!

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