Beyond the metric system

Einführungsdatum: 29/02/2012
Simplicity Creative GroupHi everybody there!
Just a few days ago, we entered some brand new cutting rulers:

Easy Rule 9.5 x 3.5
Easy Rule II 6.5 x 24
Easy Rule 13 x 6.5
Easy square 6.5 x 6.5

These rulers do not replace our "dear" ones from Prym, which have been representing - for the majority of us - good "quilting companions" for a long time, like this one, but, they are simply different, for they are based on a different measuring system
In fact, they are in inches, as it's usual in the UK and the USA.

The rulers in centimeters are still necessary anyway, since - if it's true that patchwork was born in America, it's a true that it has become a French and Italian craft, too, by now - but we have decided to stock these rulers, too, because we want to meet a very "practical" need... And I think European quilters know exactly what I'm talking about, since they must have experienced it at least once in their "quilting life" I'm talking of that boring, very boring, procedure of converting inches into centimeters, whenever I find myself with a new quilting project, from any English-speaking publication Of course, nothing is impossible with today's calculators (yes, I've always been hopeless at maths!) and it's a matter of minutes, after all... But... Well, that so boring anyway!
Maybe it's because the European metric system is a decimal system, while inches are divided into eights... Or maybe it's because 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm... So, this isn't certainly an easy conversion Whatever can be, we have thought it better to give our customers the chance of crafting using a cutting ruler in inches, not only in centimeters, for all those times they'll have to cope with an English or American quilting project Similarly, our English-speaking friends who are reading here, know that they can take advantage of our cm rulers, for their French quilting projects
Well, maybe, at first sight, the whole thing might look a little complicated, but - believe me - conversions (of any kind!) are much harder! Just think of what it means to change 3.38" into centimeters, which are based on a decimal system and, most of all, must be used in a 1:2.54 proportion!!! You can be the best one at maths and calculating, but you'll always get an approximate result and that's very bad, considering that quilting is based on precision
So, the rulers in inches will perfectly match the backside of our cutting mats, which already feature a very convenient area in inches.
So, adding these brand new rulers to the ones in centimeters you may already have is definitely worth the "little investment" For they're going to be the ideal supplement to those we already own!
Take care and ... Happy quilting!

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