Appleton Wools, "a mixed blessing" for modern embroiderers

Einführungsdatum: 21/01/2011
AppletonIt's been about two weeks we have entered the second decade of the third Millennium! However today I want to talk about a reality which seems to have - coincidence or choice?- little of the technological frenzy that has characterized the last 20 years of the XXth century (oh Lord, it's even scary to say it loud!) and mostly the first ten years of the 2000!
The reason why I'm going to bother you with a sort of anachronistic subject is easy to explain: it concerns all of us. The name of this subject is that of a brand producing threads that most of you know: Appleton.
This name refers to one of the best known and appreciated wool thread producers of the world: their wools are used actually everywhere, for the most precious embroideries like those by Beth Russell that you can find in our catalog.
We talk about wools presented in a wonderful rainbow of colors, in large or small skeins at reasonable prices and with a really superior quality!

Up to now we have talked only about the positive aspects… Where is the "defect"?Here is the negative aspect of the whole situation. Notwithstanding the undeniable celebrity - due to the wonderful quality of its wool threads - of Appleton, we are talking about an enterprise which works without a computer and that hates any type of communication by e-mail and which has some difficulties in using even the fax: so that they preferably communicate through letters by ordinary e-mail! I know: your eyes are popping and you just don't believe what I'm saying!

But it is the simple truth: when we have decided, pushed by a lot of requests that we have always received, to put in our catalog these threads and to add Appleton to our rich suppliers list, we could not imagine that this would have meant long long waits… We could not imagine that we had to talk to someone exclusively by fax or telephone and to receive invoices and letters taped on an old machine!!! But… it's just like this!

I know it seems kind of funny and actually it is, also for us who are internet addicted! However, the funny part ends when we start calling and we cannot ship your orders since the Appleton are missing! Well, from funny it becomes tragic, especially in these frenzy working days!
Let's make it clear: we have decided to talk about all this situation with you not with the aim to gossip or, even worse, with the aim to say bad things about one of our suppliers, that, by the way, we appreciate and with whom we want to keep on working in good terms. It's not our style and I think you know what I mean Between seriousness and fun, I'm just telling you this as to explain the reason why we are so late with the orders containing these threads!

I just repeat: Appleton is a serious enterprise, capable of guaranteeing a high-standard quality, in this century characterized by the “Made in China” power. They have just chosen to keep on working how we did 50 years ago: it's their choice and we must respect it since that, maybe, it contributes to the wonderful and timeless quality of their products, even if this makes our orders slower. Because this kind of approach in a high-tech world just means: renouncing to short times and allowing long (even 6 months if we consider color baths), in the name of a philosophy which maybe it is difficult to understand, especially for us that we work on the net!, but which is actually winning since everybody orders these threads and is satisfied with them. Even modern embroiderers are happy to wait!
I know and I understand it: we do not like bending to what is inevitable and waiting!
However let's think that waiting makes things more pleasant and, at least this time, our waiting will be rewarded! Believe me since I'm embroidering this Achantus model

I'm really scared if I think that someone will tread on this mat one day! It's such a beautiful piece of art!
Of course I'm ready to answer all your questions on this subject and I will welcome all your comments.
A big hug to all of you!

P.S. We have received from England our new Appleton order in these days… We are already updating all the quantities on our website: your orders will be shipped soon!!!

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