And the debate on metallic floss goes on!

Einführungsdatum: 30/12/2011
diamant dmcIn this time of Holidays, “wrapped up” by sparkling Xmas decorations and – somewhere high up in the mountains – the twinkle of fresh snowflakes we’ve decided to add a little brightness here, too, talking of a recent new reference from DMC: the metallic threads called Diamant!

To be true, apart from this short “poetic” introduction, as it already happened some time ago, I’m inspired by a product review of yours, talking of this product. Honestly, this review is quite negative and, as frankly, we like it for this reason as well! Since it’s a further evidence of the fact that exchanging our points of view means something only if this exchange is free and creates an opportunity of talking together Piccoli84 is our friend who decided to review this product and, as already done last time, I’d like to thank her for the inspiration she’s given me!

The Diamant was launched by DMC as the alternative to the traditional metallic floss, which is known to be everything but “malleable”, let’s put it this way And let’s not hide it, that’s a matter of fact: metallic threads, prior to the introduction of Kreinik and Rainbow Gallery in the market, have always been a sort of “tough nut” for all of us, keen stitchers! Of course, we love stitching and we’re probably an as “tough nut” so, we’ve never been easily put off either by the stiffness of these threads, or by their awful disposition to fray!

However, as it’s perfectly fair – I repeat – any new product can be praised or cause delusion. And in the instance of our friend who reviewed the Diamant it’s clear that we’re talking of a certain delusion, since she reports this thread tends anyway to be divided into three plies, as well as to twist.
Moreover, Piccoli84 states that this floss doesn’t fully correspond to two plies of the common mouline, as declared by the manufacturer, since the cross doesn’t come exactly “thick” as it should be.

In fact, I personally use to suggest to always try some stitches with this kind of thread (and with any metallic floss , including Kreinik and Rainbow Gallery), on the cloth you’re going to use for your needlework, for the “texture” of the cross stitch can be quite different, if using flax, aida, lugana, bellana or other fabrics

And even in the instance of the Diamant – which are nevertheless smoother and softer than the metallic threads manufactured till not long ago by DMC I recommend you not to use too long floss cuts… I know, nobody likes to open and close her needlework continuously But, believe me, in this case, the brilliant result is worth this little “overwork”!

Besides the Diamant there are some years of research and development on behalf of DMC, probably also based on the many critics the company received for their metallic threads and, after all (and I think even Piccoli84 will agree this time), the reliability of a brand is also to be measured according to its ability to “treasure” critics and use them as a spur to improve itself.
And what’s sure, though fully respecting our friend’s opinion, this brand new metallic floss isn’t as “frisky” as the traditional metallic one sold in skeins Then, of course, for “all roses have thorns”, these threads are more delicate than their predecessors and, in fact, they require dry or hand wash… But, again, all of us stitchers are quite used to hand washing our “masterpieces”, aren’t we?

So, please, go on posting your opinions, since talking and exchanging our points of views on the subjects we love most is always important!
A hug and hear from me soon

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